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Stories of a Wandering Tree

Damn it, it's back?!

Trees, oh jeez.

I'm some jerk who has too many hobbies. I love music and believe that Nietzsche is correct about life being a mistake without it. I play cello and pretend to play viola and piano. I play a lot of JRPGs, but rarely actually play new ones. I read a lot and watch movies. Not a fan of TV shows unless it's cartoons/anime/whateverit'sallthesametome, however. I like keeping various types of lists. Just throwing that out there before you see the links section. Oh yes, and I enjoy learning. Dreadful, I know.

GOD: I own you like I own the caves.
THE OCEAN: Not a chance. No comparison.
GOD: I made you. I could tame you.
THE OCEAN: At one time, maybe. But not now.
GOD: I will come to you, freeze you, break you.
THE OCEAN: I will spread myself like wings. I am a billion tiny feathers. You have no idea what's happened to me.
--from How We Are Hungry by Dave Eggers
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